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Founders of new businesses

A list of historical examples ...

  • Oskar Barnack (1879-1936), inventor of the miniature camera (Leica) for Optical Works Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar
  • Werner Sell (1900-1998), director of Burger Ironworks in Herborn, inventor of the prefabricated house, fitted kitchens and aircraft galleys


and their present-day counterparts

  • Sensitec, Ltd. in Lahnau, whose magneto-resistive sensors are used by NASA for missions to Mars, for example
  • CORRSYS-DATRON, Ltd. in Wetzlar, developers of a new generation of optical sensors that, amongst other things, enable the blind to recognise objects

Central Hesse looks back on a long tradition of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The region has served as the birthplace of countless innovative products for over 150 years. The diptheria and tetanus vaccinations developed by Behringwerke, the world-famous Leica cameras, the concept and development of prefabricated houses as well as the aircraft galley are just a few such examples.

Meanwhile, Central Hesse's three universities continue to produce an invaluable pool of talented and highly qualified individuals, many of who find employment within the region. The field of optical technology has been at home Central Hesse for many, many years, bringing to the fore famous names and products developed by companies such Leitz, Minox and Hensoldt. The Region of Central Hesse offers investors and entrepreneurs excellent investment opportunities as well as direct contact to the fields of research and development. Institutions such as TransMIT, Ltd. and the Transfer Centre actively support the networking of local businesses with Central Hesse's universities, ensuring that theory is ultimately and successfully turned to practice.

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